"the neuro said he will start me on Ampyra, the walking drug-Im optimistic for that because if it works that would be AMAZING"

(Posted By: Josi Creek)
Hi Stan! When I went to the neuro last week..he also said he will start me on Ampyra, the walking drug when he gets the samples in (probably 4-6 months) I wanted to share this info with our Angels!

I am optimistic for that because if it works that would be AMAZING!!!!

He said that for people like me where the majority of the disease is in the spine it looks very promising.

He said if you just looked at my brain scan you would say I had a mild case of MS, my back is what is disabling me.

He said the ampyra seems to help the nerve conduction to the legs and makes walking less difficult.

He is trying to find a rep to get some samples for me so I can try it for a few weeks first because it will be expensive. He also said there is not a formulary yet but that should be coming to him in a few months.

He did say that the one drawback is that in some people it can cause seizures so that is something to be concerned about.

Anyway, hello and hugs to everyone. Hope it's a good spring for all!

♥ ginny

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Jennifer Ewing Landry
( By Jennifer Landry)
ginny, do not wait for your neuro to get samples. i was involved in a recent webcast put on by the vp's at ampyra and they were very clear that they will NOT be providing samples to dr's. just don't want you waiting for something that's not going to happen. there is a comprehensive patient assistance program to help with the cost of the drug. go and contact them for further info. you need to complete a form and your neuro needs to submit the prescription and they take it from there to determine what your insurance will cover. good luck to you! (((((hugs)))))