Fampyra: Multiple Sclerosis patient welcomes claims that HSE looks set to fund a miracle drug

Gerard Murphy at the Royal Hospital in Donnybrook, Dublin

A Multiple Sclerosis patient has welcomed claims that the HSE looks set to fund a miracle drug.


Effects of Ampyra (Dalfampridine) on Multi-Dimensional Aspects of Gait and Dexterity in Multiple Sclerosis among Timed Walk Responders and Non-Responders: STUDY

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Multiple Sclerosis sufferer blasts 'cruel' HSE for refusing to make wonder drug Fampyra free

Gerard Murphy at the Royal Hospital in Donnybrook , Dublin

A Multiple Sclerosis sufferer who was the first in the country to avail of a trial wonder drug has blasted the “cruel” HSE for refusing to make it widely available for free.

Relationship Between Timed 25-Foot Walk Impairment and Diffusion Tensor Imaging Markers in Multiple Sclerosis: STUDY

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Prescriber utilization of Ampyra (dalfampridine) extended release tablets in multiple sclerosis: a retrospective pharmacy and medical claims analysis: STUDY

Denis Naughten, TD, believes Ireland should be a pilot country for State-funded multiple sclerosis drug

Denis Naughten, TD

The Health Service Executive has rejected a second application from the makers of a drug that helps people with multiple sclerosis to walk to have it covered by State-funded drug schemes.

VIDEO: Ampyra helps MS patients to walk again

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Medicinal marijuana drug means end to buying drugs on the street

The signing off of the introduction of a medicinal marijuana product, Savitex, in Ireland has been welcomed by Tom Curran, partner of the late Marie Fleming.

Wow! It's no wonder MS is seen as a Cash Cow: THESE MS DRUGS BROUGHT IN THE MOST MONEY LAST YEAR

Teva soaring out in front on a single product and it is no surprise that the Generics pack are waiting in the rear ready for the copaxone patents to expire starting May 2014. However Biogen are backing the most winners with a staggering $5.8 billion worth of business. 
#1 Glaterimer acetate Teva     $4.3 billion
#2 Avonex Biogen Idec           $3.0 billion
#3 Gilenya Novartis                 $1.9 billion
#4 Tysabri Biogen  Idec           $1.7 billion
#5 Betaseron Bayer                 $1.1 billion
#6 Tecfidera Biogen Idec        $0.9 billion
#7 Rebif EMD serono              $0.6 billion
#8 Ampyra Biogen Idec           $0.3 billion
#9 Aubagio Sanofi                   $0.2 billion
#10 Extavia Novartis               $0.2 billion

Tecfidera and Ampyra Show Potential for Quality of Life Improvement in Patients With MS

Tecfidera and Ampyra Show Potential for Quality of Life Improvement in Patients With MS

New disease-modifying drugs in multiple sclerosis (MS) show potential for improving quality-of-life (QoL) of patients with multiple sclerosis. The clinical benefits of dimethyl fumarate and PR-fampridine were discussed at a Biogen Idec-sponsored satellite symposium at the 29th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS).


Monday's News for Neurologists: Here's 246 New Studies from 10/1 to Monday 10/28:




The knowledge that epilepsy and multiple sclerosis occur together more frequently than by chance should heighten vigilance for both when diagnosing or treating patients with either condition. For example, unexplained cognitive symptoms in a patient with multiple sclerosis may turn out to be partial complex seizures, whereas an episode of painful blurry vision in someone with epilepsy could indicate optic neuritis as the first symptom of multiple sclerosis. If seizures require treatment, an antiepileptic drug should be chosen that does not exacerbate preexisting symptoms of multiple sclerosis, such as ataxia, tremor or impaired cognition.

More research needs to be done to investigate the underlying reasons for the increased incidence of epilepsy in patients with multiple sclerosis, as well as an increased incidence of multiple sclerosis in patients with epilepsy. Inflammatory cortical demyelination in multiple sclerosis could cause neuronal loss and seizures. Could an inflammatory pathogenesis of epilepsy also lead to multiple sclerosis? As research continues to progress very rapidly in both of these disease states, maybe we won't have to wait long to find out.

Neurologists mad about British guidance on MS drugs Fampyra, Sativex

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